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How to get your Grass its Greenest

Is the grass not as green on your side of the fence? Here’s some pro lawn care tips straight from Devine Image, to get you started on your way to your own beautiful, thick, vibrant green lawn.

  1. Dethatching – A dethatcher is a device that removes thatch from lawns. Thatch is the layer of organic matter that occurs between the grass and the soil surface. Excessive thatch (over 1/2 inch thick) creates a perfect environment for pests and disease, as well as interrupting the growing environment for the root system.
  2. Core Aeration – Core aeration is the removal of small cores of soil from the lawn using an aeration machine. We recommend that aeration is done in the spring and fall. Aeration creates holes for oxygen and water, evens out any air pockets, helps prevent new weed growth and can save you money on your water bills.
  3. Seeding – One of our secrets to achieving great results is seeding your lawn after every aeration.  The new seeds will penetrate deep in your property and new growth will flourish.
  4. Watering – Many people think you need to water your grass every day, or every other day to achieve great results. In actuality this drowns your lawn, and stifles its growth.  Water your grass once or twice a week. Never water your grass during peak sun hours. Instead, do it in the morning before the sun comes up, or later in the day when the sun goes down.
  5. Fertilizing – If you want THICK, GREEN grass you must fertilize. Fertilizer thickens your grass and promotes deep root growth.  We use an industrial grade 21-7-7 50% Slow release fertilizer. It should be applied in early April, late May, early July, early September and late October for best results.
  6. Cutting – Cutting your grass at the right time is important. Try not to cut when it’s too wet. And on the other hand, try not to cut your grass when it’s too dry.  When you’re mowing your lawn, alternate the angles you cut on. We recommend alternating between 4 angles, starting at 45 degrees, and going in a circle. And finally, make sure to sharpen your blades on a regular basis. A dull blade will tear, rip, and damage the grass, whereas a sharp blade won’t disrupt growth.

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